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Maternity Bra Needs

When should I buy a maternity bra?

Every pregnancy is special and unique, hence there is no right time for bra fitting during this special time.

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, 4 months into the pregnancy or 16 weeks gestation is a good time to have your first fitting. Therefore at 16 weeks gestation, or earlier if you feel your current bra is too tight or does not give you the comfort or support that you need, we recommend you get yourself fitted by a professional fitter or use our Size Guide to help you find your perfect maternity bra size. The Tiger Mama Intimates bras that you buy at this stage can still be used later in your breastfeeding journey when the demand for your breast milk starts to decline and your breasts begin to return to its pre-breastfeeding size.

As comfort is critical during pregnancy, we would advise you check your sizing again at the start of your third trimester, that is at 7 months (28 weeks) gestation. By this time your tummy may start to push into the sternum and the size of your breasts may have also increased as the milk ducts prepare for breastfeeding. The Tiger Mama Intimates bras that you buy at 7 months should allow for further breast size fluctuations during breastfeeding as our bras have 6 rows of hook and eye fasteners and adjustable straps that allow for your changing shape.

Why do I need a maternity bra?

Maternity and nursing bras are specially designed to provide comfort and support during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Tiger Mama Intimates have meticulously designed their bras to provide you with:

  • Ultimate comfort
  • Functionality without compromising on quality
  • Modern and luxurious style, whilst ensuring that our bras are breastfeeding friendly

In other words, we have designed our maternity bras with features that are widely recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding, so that you don’t have to worry about researching what is best for your breasts. For more information on these features please see our Tiger Secrets. Here’s a quick summary of our three main features:

  • We do not use underwire for our bras to ensure the health of your breasts. Underwires can apply pressure to your breasts that can in turn create many serious problems due to blocked ducts. Tiger Mama Intimates bras are created to support and enhance your curves without the need for any underwire. In addition, our cups are lined with 100% cotton allowing breathability and hygiene.
  • We do not use short cuts in the construction of our bras. For example, look closely at other brands of maternity bras and you’ll find that some brands join two panels of 3 row hook and eye fasteners together instead of using a single 6 row hook and eye panel. Stitching two panels together creates a seam join against your back which could cause irritation and discomfort.
  • We use OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics. That means our lingerie does not use fabrics that have been produced using banned and unbanned harmful substances. We believe the delicate skin of mums and babies should not be in contact with such chemicals. Our premium fabrics feel naturally gentler on your skin.

Are Tiger Mama Intimates bras, maternity or nursing bras?

Both! Tiger Mama Intimates bras are designed to support you during pregnancy and breastfeeding, that is our bras are both maternity and nursing bras. Our bras are cleverly designed to allow for expansion as your breasts and underbust grow during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. An extra benefit of a 2-in-1 maternity and nursing bra is that it saves you money in the long run as you do not need to buy additional bras specifically for breastfeeding!

Our bras are drafted with precision and accuracy. Our many prototypes were tested on real women of all sizes, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How many maternity or nursing bras do I need?

We recommend that you buy at least 3 Tiger Mama Intimates bras – one to wear while one is being washed and one as a spare. We say at least 3 bras because once you are breastfeeding, you will naturally prioritise your baby over doing the laundry! Therefore you will no doubt have more than one nursing bra needing to be washed AND don’t forget that breast milk spills do happen even if you use breast pads. Tiger Mama Intimates bras are both maternity and nursing bras therefore you will no doubt get a lot of wear from them during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Why is it important to choose maternity and nursing bras that are made from OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics?

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, newborn babies can breastfeed up to 12 times a day. That means your baby’s sensitive new skin comes into contact with your clothing 12 times a day! Tiger Mama Intimates bras and briefs are made with only OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics which have been certified to be free of known harmful substances from the raw material stage through to the end fabric. Therefore, you know that your skin and your baby’s sensitive skin is protected from harmful chemicals that can cause irritation.

How do I determine my Bra Size?

For reasons mentioned above, we recommend that you find your perfect maternity bra size at 16 weeks gestation and again in your third trimester. We have created an easy to use Size Guide and calculator to easily determine your perfect bra size.

How much will my breasts grow during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Every woman is unique and experiences individual pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. However as a guide, most women increase 1-2 underbust sizes and 1-2 cup sizes. Your breast growth during pregnancy stabilises at 7 months which is a good time to use our Size Guide for your perfect nursing bra size. Your breasts will grow again after your baby is born and your breast milk starts to come in. However our 6 row hook and eye bra fastener and adjustable straps should allow for this increase in breast size.

Should I buy a larger bra size to anticipate my breasts getting larger?

No. Doing this will not provide you enough support or comfort that your breasts need now. All our bras have 6 rows of hook and eye fasteners that you can adjust as your breasts and underbust grows. So, buy your first maternity bra at approximately 16 weeks gestation, or earlier if your current bras are uncomfortable and tight. Then we recommend that you measure your bra size using our Size Guide again at 7 months gestation to ensure that your Tiger Mama Intimates bra is the correct size to take you through breastfeeding.

Isn’t it best to wait until I breastfeed to buy Tiger Mama Intimates bras?

No. It is very important that you wear maternity bras from approximately 16 weeks gestation. This is because maternity bras have been especially designed to minimise restriction on your milk ducts thereby reducing the risk of problems such as mastitis and blocked milk ducts.

Can I wear my Tiger Mama Intimates bras I bought at 16 weeks gestation again once I start breastfeeding?

If you have washed and cared for our bras as recommended, your Tiger Mama Intimates bras should still be suitable to wear for breastfeeding and beyond.

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